Sub Nine

Sub Nine

Yesterday, something incredible happened.

I ran a sub 9 minute mile. Not 10, 9. For me, that is a mini accomplishment. If invisible trophy’s were given out for such things during my training runs, I would have most certainly received one. Why is this so important? Well for one it’s a first for me. I remember when I broke a sub 10 minute mile and how ecstatic I was. But sub 9 tells me I’m on the right track. It’s the new year, and I can now begin to tweak my running to make myself even stronger. Last year I was testing the waters with what I was possibly capable of and now that I know, it’s time to improve upon it. A sub 9 minute mile only 2 days into the new year? I’ll take it. My goal is to do a lot more speed work during training in order to drastically improve my pace. Last year during training endurance was the main focus. Now, it’s the need for speed.



In 3 weeks, I’ll be running the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon, which means my running is back into it’s highest gear. Last year, I heard they had to cancel the race because of that massive snow storm we had so please keep your fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again. They also sent out the finisher medals to those who registered, but no one was happy to put it on display, since the medal wasn’t earned. Speaking of Fred, this I’ve also finalized the design for my next tattoo. The quote is from the great Fred Lebow himself. I’m just waiting my tattoo guy to e-mail me back so we can set up a date for it. It’s gonna go right above my left ankle.





There is so much to be done in the first few months of the year! I have to begin planning my logistics for the Chicago marathon (this includes booking my flight, hotel, etc) and my official half marathon training begins in a few weeks. The Rutgers Half Marathon is April 7th and I am so excited to be able to run this race for the second yea

r in a row. If any of you haven’t registered and are interested, sign up now for the half or 8km while you still can! Don’t forget to use my code CAITLINUNITE for $5 off. If you are still not sure, just DO IT. Don’t think twice. Do something new this year, run a race. This is the perfect opportunity my friends, and I hope to see at least a few of you there! The course is great and it’s an all around good time. Sign up now before the race sells out!!

I hope everyone transitions smoothly back into the work week. I know coffee will be of great importance today. Happy New Year Everyone!


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