Fred Lebow Half-Marathon, Skiing, and Chicago…2017?

Fred Lebow Half-Marathon, Skiing, and Chicago…2017?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week, as well as a smooth transition back to the work week (if you had a 4 day weekend like I did) I caught up on some much needed rest (and may have registered for another race)

A littlefullsizerender-5 over a week removed from the Philadelphia Marathon, and I went for my first run last night since then (3 miles). My legs feel great, I am glad that my post-marathon recovery has gone so well. Over the weekend, I registered for the Fred Lebow Half Marathon, which mean that provided my legs still feel great, I’m resuming training this week. The race is 6 weeks from now, so I’ve been trying to find a 6 week half-marathon training plan (suggestions welcomed) Also, my Saturday long runs are back. My plan is to run 10 miles this Saturday.

Another race had been calling my name as well, however  I am not officially registered for it yet…I had been talking about it recently with a few close friends and I have decided to throw my name into the lottery drawing for the Chicago Marathon next October. I won’t find out if I’m in until December 13th, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! This would be my ffullsizerender-4irst real destination race (Philly was too, but I’m talking about hopping on a plane). If I get in then that along with NYC will be my marathons of 2017, unless I decide to be daring and run one in September. I still have some time to decide all those things!  Right now I’m in the process of lining up my races for 2017.

So, with the cold weather come SKIING! This is by far my favorite time of the year. Some of the local resorts have opened up and my plan is to get out on the slopes for some cross training fun! I hope to get up to Vermont a weekend or two this season as well. Last year a group of us went up there and we had a blast. The plan is for that to happen again this year.

The Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon is Sunday, January 22. This will be my first planned half marathon of 2017, as well as the first half marathon I’ve run in the wintertime. Who is Fred Lebow? Well, as you know I ran with Fred

’s team last month at the TCS NYC Marathon. But who is this Fred? I urge you to watch “Run For Your Life-The Fred Lebow Story”. It not only documents the history of the NYC Marathon, but this amazing man’s life and the legacy he left behind. I watched the whole thing after running the TCS NYC Marathon, and it reduced me to tears. This film really brings everything full circle with running and made me understand my purpose for doing so. It is a must watch. That being said, I am so excited to run this race next month (well, technically as November is practically over)


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