Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017- I’m In!

Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017- I’m In!

Woke up last Tuesday morning around 7:30am, checked my email and there it was; My confirmation into the 2017 BOA Chicago Marathon! I got out of bed, did a happy dance, then proceeded to get my morning coffee.

I am honestly happy I got in. In planning my marathons for 2017, NYC was without a doubt one of them regardless. I felt that after running two somewhat local marathons this year that it was time to expand my travels (a bit). So I threw my name into the Chicago lottery. Plus I’ve been back and forth thinking about it so I decided what the hell.

And I got in.

Marathon training for me won’t start up again until June so in the meantime I’m just working on building back up my mileage since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon. Next month I’m running the Fred Lebow half marathon so after that race, I’ll take another short break then begin half marathon training for my spring races. This week, I have been doing mainly elliptical workouts because I’ve been getting aches and pains in my legs. I don’t want to injure myself before the January half, so I’m taking it a bit easy. Tonight however, I’m gonna try and get 4 miles in. (5 if I’m feeling good)

Wine at Becco’s

So, who’s ready for Christmas? I’ve been so busy between work, workouts, running and preparing for Christmas that I haven’t had too much time to really enjoy the holiday season. By the time I get a chance to kick my feet up, it will be over. Last weekend however,

I visited New York City and saw Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, and it was fantastic! The actress playing Tevye’s wife is none other than the great Judy Kuhn, who was the singing voice of the original Pocahontas. Seeing her live was amazing! Before the show, we ate Becco’s over on W46th St. If you have never been there, I suggest you check it out. They have great food and great wine. Perfect lunch before a Broadway show!

Well guys, we are officially halfway through the week. Only a few more days until Christmas weekend! Have an awesome Wednesday!

PS: Who saw Rogue One??


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