New Music & the Great Manu Katche

19 days until the biggest day of mfullsizerender-5y life. At this point, the NYC marathon is approaching at a very fast rate, and I’m finding myself frantically sorting out race day logistics (so I don’t freak out come the morning of November 6)

My new running shoes arrived over the weekend. I still have the same brand as I’ve been training with (you NEVER want to change up something as important as running shoes befimg_3485ore a big race) just a different color. I also got me a new box of Gu gels, and some body glide. Since the past two days have been rest days, today I get to finally break in the new shoes.

So, I love discovering new music, and recently I’ve gotten more into jazz. With all the hustle that is my life at the current moment I’ve found that it brings a sense of peace to the realm of reality. One group I’ve been listening to in particular is Manu Katche & Friends.


Who is Manu Katche? Well, he’s probably one of the best drummers on the planet. Period.


Manu Katche

He had played with Sting, Peter Gabriel, and others and I have found his playing very mesmerizing.

Manu Katche on drums

As the race approaches, I’m preparing my final playlist so I’m gonna probably add some music from his albums. When I start hitting the toughest miles I’ll need some tunes to really zone me out from the soreness and pain that my legs will endure. Mainstream music isn’t enough. Gimme some jazz. Music like this really makes me miss the old ensemble days from school. I never played jazz, but listening to it really brings me way back. It’s that deep appreciation for music that never leaves you.

Happy Tuesday Folks! Catch ya later


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