The Great Taper-The Golden Week of Training

Marathon training is beginning to wind down as this week I enter the taper portion of my training. Tapering in running refers to the decrease in weekly mileage to prepare for a race. Yesterday I completed the longest run in my training, 22 miles. It was both mentally and physically tough, but I pushed through it and never felt more proud.

Following the 22 miler, I took my routine post long run ice bath. Let me tell you, an ice bath is also both mentally and physically challenging. It’s kinda hard to focus on other thiimg_3384ngs when you’re soaking in a tub full of ice, but it has helped me to avoid severe soreness and DOMS.

Today, I was supposed to run the Cresskill 5k, but doing so would just be stupid, as my legs need to still recover from yesterday’s run, and I’d be risking injury before the race. With 20 days left, I can’t afford that. Speaking of which, the NYC Marathon is approaching incredibly fast at this point. My new running shoes (same shoes I use now, just different color) box of Gu gels, & body glide have been shipped out from Amazon, and now I’m organizing all of the race logistics.I actually had a funny dream one night last week that I had gotten to the starting line, but I was wearing the wrong shoes. What a nightmare! Time to get everything prepared and ready now.

To make things even more real now, my Bib number, corral and wave start has officially assigned. I start at 11:10am, which means when I get to Staten Island, I’ll have some time to soak in the atmosphere, stretch, and warm up before I head off into the 5 blatteeoroughs. I heard that Dunkin Donuts is going to be providing free coffee to runners before the start, but I’m not sure if that’s a great idea. Sure, it sounds like a nice energy boost for a 5k, but we are running 26.2 miles here;we need not wreak havoc on our intestines.

Rutgers Half Marathon

The Rutgers Half Marathon is once again being held in April 2017. I have secured my spot as a runner in the race and in addition, I have also been chosen as a CGI/Rutgers Half Marathon Ambassador! If any of you are interested in running this race next year with me, let me know! Also, I’ll be giving out codes in November that you can register with. Any questions? Feel free to message me, and I look forward to seeing some of you getting out there next year. The Rutgers Half Marathon was my first long distance race (first half marathon) and I really loved it. It was an amazing experience and I met so mimg_3386fullsizerender-4any wonderful runners that day. I encourage anyone who is considering it, to register. It is a very rewarding race, with a great finisher’s medal!





Looking forward to this week as I begin to taper before the race. I can’t believe how far I have come since I began my training. Taper week seemed so far off, now here I am. I will end this post with my favorite group of all time, the Beastie Boys.


“From the Hudson River out to the Nile, I run the marathon to the very last mile”



Happy Sunday, and to my fellow runners heading to NY in a few weeks, we are almost there…




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