You Belong to the City-TCS NYC Marathon

FullSizeRenderEarlier this year, I entered the lotto to enter into the TCS NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the runners picked and needless to say I was disappointed. I really wanted in because I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to run the NY Marathon? It’s every runner’s dream. So my backup plan if I didn’t get accepted into NY was to run the Philadelphia Marathon, so I ended up registering for that. Philadelphia was going to be my first marathon ever, and that was that.

But that all changed over this past weekend.

After going over the New York Road Runner’s website, I knew you could also be accepted if you run with a charity, which so many people are doing. Both my heart and mind was telling me to do it, and I knew how much I badly wanted to run the NY Marathon…

So ladies and gentleman, on November 6, I am officially running through the 5 boroughs in the TCSNYC Marathon.

Now the question everyone is asking me, is what a


Philadelphia Marathon in Training gear

bout the Philadelphia Marathon?


Well, I never said I wasn’t going to not do that. I am still running in Philly folks, which means I am doing two marathons in November. Crazy? Perhaps. The races are only two weeks apart, which means in between I am going to have to be on strict recovery in order to recharge for Philadelphia after New York. Until then, I have a lot of work to do. Originally, marathon training was set to begin August first, but when I got accepted into the New York marathon, I had to bump up the start of training to July 18th. Today marks the 3rd day of training.

I have my work cut out for me, but I am stoked. This has to be the biggest deal in my life so far, and I am taking on a challenge that nobody can really fathom. Sometimes, I don’t think people really understand how difficult it is training for these things. You may see my happy race pictures, and training run pictures, but what you don’t see is the pain and torture I put myself through in order to get to that point. Blood sweat and tears, and yes, I do mean that very literally.

When all of this is said and done, I join an elite club that not many people can say they are part of. Come November, I will be a Marathoner.

Good Luck to all of those whose marathon training also commenced this past Monday! I know some of you who are running in NY, and I cannot wait to join all of you on November 6th! 26.2 miles, here we come!

If anyone is interested in donated, visit my page by following the link below.

Thank you everyone, and a special thanks to those who have donated so far!



Great song by the late Glenn Frey. My training theme for NYC

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