Summer Runnin 

I was reading comments on the Philadelpha Marathon’s Facebook page. They asked users to share some of their most valuable training tips. One girl wrote, 

“Listen to your body when the temperature and humidity rise. You’ll slow down in the summer, let it happen”

Ain’t it the truth. 

The hotter the temperature, the more it will affect your pace. Add 100 percent humidity on top of that and you can forget about any PR’s. This past week has been awful in terms of the humidity, making my runs a tad challenging. Makes me feel like I’m running the Badwater 135. 

The key is fluids and maintaining your electrolytes, otherwise runners face heat exhaustion and cramping. I don’t do many local races in the summer because I don’t like running in the heat, but training in it is actually beneficial. The more you run in the heat, the more you train your body to control its core temperature. Come fall I will be a more efficient runner.

In just over 2 weeks, I begin training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Since being injury free, I have worked very hard in building back up my base mileage. I started out doing 3 miles daily. For the past 2 weeks I’ve bumped it up to 4 miles daily, and as for the the final 2 weeks before training I will maintain 5 miles a day. This gets me exactly where I need to be once I start going by my training schedule. From there, the mileage goes nothing but up. 

Stay cool everyone (and hydrated). 


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