Marathon Bucket List


Courtesy of Runner’s World Magazine

In just over a month, I officially begin marathon training. Hard to believe, but then again Christmas also felt like it was just yesterday…


My leg has fully healed, and I’ve been running a minimum of 3 miles daily just to build myself back up. Next week, my goal is to bump up my runs to 4 miles daily (and no less). I’m feeling great though. Almost similar to how I felt during my half-marathon taper week; Strong

After I run the Philadelphia Marathon this November, many people have already started asking me, what’s next after that?



Caitlin ‘s Marathon Bucket List (In order)

  1. Philadelphia Marathon* (Registered)
  2. TCS New York Marathon
  3. Chicago Marathon
  4. Boston Marathon


Many runner’s have their own so-called “Marathon Bucket List” I have yet to run my first and here I am already looking ahead to the next few. Looking at my list above, these are the marathons I’m hoping to run, and in this particular order. I have my eyes already set on New York hopefully next year, and ultimately Boston one day (It is the toughest) Boston’s course is not only strenuous, but it is very difficult getting into it. If you don’t meet the qualifying times, you can kiss your chances of running in it goodbye. Even if you do BQ (Boston qualify) then there’s a chance you still may not get in, as they accept the fastest qualifiers first based on age & gender. You could also run for a charity, but I think it’s more challenging and fun trying to qualify. Almost makes you feel like you’re trying to get into the Olympics.

The New York Marathon is slightly forgiving in it’s acceptance standards. You can participate in it in one of a few ways; Time qualify, run for a charity, or enter the drawing. This past year I entered the drawing and sadly my name was never picked. My backup plan was that I would run the Philadelphia Marathon if I didn’t, so here I am today preparing for that. If I don’t get into the NY marathon again next year, then there’s always the following year.

Looking forward to the start of my training, the first week is already challenmarathonweekone.jpgging. My first long run will be 8 miles. In comparing this to the first long run of my half-marathon training schedule, that was only 4 miles. So as you can see, I’ve got my work clearly cut out for me. I shall enjoy challenging myself. I know that once I cross that finish line on November 20, in the end it will be all worth it. I also look forward to the awesome Thanksgiving I will be enjoying as part of my recovery. Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk by then.



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