Injured (But it’s Getting Better) Now What?

runninginjuryIt has been nearly a month since my last race, and all of my being wants to run another. But no more half marathons before the Philadelphia Marathon this November. 5k’s will suffice and hopefully feed my race cravings. I repeat, no more half marathons (for now)

This fall there are a bunch of local races I plan to run this year, many of which I ran last year. This summer however, I may have to take it easy until I begin marathon training on August 1. It’s so difficult not to register for a race when my e-mail is flooded with upcoming events. I haven’t run too much over the past month because my right leg is still not fully healed. I managed to get out a few times, and felt good only to wake up the next morning to a twinge all over again. In place of running I use the elliptical daily, and I don’t ever miss a workout.

Injury is so incredibly frustrating, and every runner is more than likely to experience it at some point. During my 12 weeks of half marathon training this past winter, I was fortunate to avoid injury. At one point, about a month out from the Rutgers half I did get nervous. I started getting pains in my foot, and it started to become a constant thing every time I hit the pavement. Of course I immediately jumped to conclusions like “Oh my God, please don’t be a stress fracture!!” At the same time, I also knew that my current pair of running shoes at the time had been completely worn, and I was planning to change them before the race anyway. 3 weeks out from race day, I bought a new pair of running shoes, and voila! Pain no more.

Every time I’m driving, and I see runners about the neighborhood, I always admire every single one of them. But when you’re injured, and you see someone out on a run, all you cyou-know-youre-a-runner-e-cards-quotean think of is, “Gosh, I wish that were me.” It sucks. But in time I know I’ll be fully back. The key is patience, something right now I will admit I don’t have. When running is all you have known for the past 7 months, what do you do? Sure , the elliptical is great, but it isn’t the same.

After all, you don’t get a runner’s high on an elliptical trainer.


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