Race Day 13.1

Tomorrow is thracedayFullSizeRender (4).jpge big day, and I’m as ready as ever! I even finished packing my suitcase last night. Normally if I’m going on a vacation, I pack literally the night before or the same day. I’m going away for one night and I began packing 2 days beforehand. Crazy huh!? My nerves made me do it.

I really can’t afford to forget anything. I have a checklist of the most important stuff I need to have for the race;




Black running capris  Checked box symbol                                                        Body Glide Checked box symbol

Race shirt        Checked box symbol                                                                Headband (just in case)Checked box symbol

Fuel Belt w/water bottle Checked box symbol                                                    Running ShoesChecked box symbol

Racing Bib  Checked box symbol                                                                               Headphones Checked box symbol

Energy ChewsChecked box symbol






The weather tomorrow is going to be perfect for running! With temps this comfortable, I highly doubt any of us will overheat.rAceweaterFullSizeRender (5)

We are heading down to the Rutgers Conference Center around 4:00, and at 6:30 we have dinner reservations at an Italian place in Milltown. As many runners traditionallpastafastay do the night before a long distance race, I’ll be consuming some sort of pasta meal. I’m not going to over carbo load, as throughout the week I have been good about feeding my muscles. Tonight should sufficiently top of my levels and have me ready for the race. Breakfast tomorrow is a bagel, a banana, and one cup of coffee.

For everyone who has supported me throughout my training, thank you. 12 weeks of hard work, blood, sweat, & tears (and I mean that very literally) is about to pay off tomorrow morning. It all comes down to this now. All that’s left to do is show up at the starting line, and run.  After the race is over, let the long-awaited celebrations begin!

For all the Boston Runners getting out there on Monday, Good luck to all of you as well and God Bless. I hope to one day have the honor in joining all of you in the Boston Marathon as well

See you guys at the finish line…

❤ Caitlin


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