One Week Until Race Day!


Nearly 12 weeks of training has prepared me for one of the biggest challenges of my life. In one week, I will be running my first half-marathon. I repeat, One week.

I’ve begun to plan out my race day logistics, as well as the day before. On Saturday, I’m checking into a hotel with my mom and sister near the race. This will help us get to the race site easy and early Sunday morning. We are planning to eat at a restaurant nearby the night before as well. I do have to watch what I eat though. I don’t need any GI issues halfway through the race (runners know this problem can arise) Also, I read that you don’t need to carbo-load too much for 13.1 miles, although it doesn’t hurt to either. I will most likely be eating some sort of pasta dish Saturday night, but nothing too heavy. Sunday morning pre-race, I’m thinking of a bagel, and one cup of coffee. After that, it’s nothing but water and electrolytes.

At this point overall I am just super excited. I have visualized crossing the finish line many times, and I’m sure for me, it will be overwhelming. This week is probably going to fly by, and next weekend will be here in a flash. One more week, and then let the celebrations begin. I will officially be a half-marathoner!


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