Anybody living on the east coast felt the wrath of one of the worst storms I’ve ever seen. I live in North Jersey, and we had over 2 feet of snow. (Around 30 inches actually) Went out to shovel yesterday morning around 9am, and didn’t finish until about 3:30. On Saturday before the storm got too bad, I did 10 miles on the elliptical since I couldn’t get out to run. Shoveling yesterday was a workout in itself. I’m feeling achy as hell this morning, which is not good because I don’t want this to hinder my half-marathon training. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better. I’m upset as it is because I haven’t gotten out to run, and i’m hoping that people were smart enough to properly shovel out their sidewalks. I don’t want to sustain a fall while i’m out there because of other people’s laziness.

Today marks 12 weeks until my half marathon. By the way, I have entered the drawing for the TCS NYC Marathon. They will draw the winners in March and if I’m picked, I’ll have to go straight into marathon training right after the half is over. This would also be my first marathon if I get in. What an honor it would be to run in NYC!

So my official training begins today for the half-marathon. The real focus begins now, and I’m training with my Nike running app. I have a full 12 week training schedule right up until the day of the race, and it basically tells me when to run, cross train, and rest. Rest is just as imports in as training, so my body can begin to adapt to the additional mileage.  

 If you live in any of the states that got hit by the blizzard this weekend, please drive safely. Additionally, PLEASE clean your cars. I can’t tell you how many idiots I saw today on the NJ Turnpike that still had 3 inches of snow on the roof of their cars. Be smart guys. 

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