Design my Race Shirt

The other day, I was driving to work and I came up with an idea; I want to custom design a shirt for race day with your names on it! That’s right! Your support means a ton and for those who have been following my training so far, my thanks goes out to you. I will be proudly running that day with the names of my friends, family & supporters. This race is a big deal to me, as it is my first half-marathon. As of today, I will start keeping a list of names. Also, if you have a brand, or business, I’ll gladly add that as well. Simply leave a comment below, or message me elsewhere and I’ll add your name to the list! Before race day, I will post a picture of the finished product for you all to see. The race is April 17, so I want to allow enough time for the shirt to be made & shipped out in time to me. The deadline to put your name in will be March 12th. 

Additionally, if you have any ideas for designs, drop a line! The race is at Rutgers, so you can use that as a template if you like. Or, if you have any other ideas, again leave a comment! I’ll greatly consider all. Help me design my shirt!

Shirt will be designed using

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