Sweep The Leg

Last week, I tweeted out to Billy Zabka (or Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid) and I asked him for some words of wisdom for the day of my half marathon. Now, not all celebrities tweet back to their fans, but Zabka does. Hands down, he is my favorite, (not to mention I’ve had a major crush on him forever). I mean come on, it’s freaking Johnny Lawrence!

So, he responded back, and attached a YouTube video for the “Your the Best” scene from near the end of the Karate Kid movie, and told me to “Loop this” Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

This was the second time he has responded to me! The first time was back in October. I wished him a happy birthday, and this was his response ;

Not only did Zabka respond, but the great Martin Kove (Sensei Kreese) re-tweeted Billy’s response to me! Feeling pretty awesome after that. Star struck by the Cobra Kai.

So far, it’s been a busy start to the new year. Last week was a bit stressful, and I swear, there had to be a full moon on one of those days. Either that, or everyone just woke up eating a bowl of attitude.

Since January 2, I’ve only gotten 2 runs in. My real training begins on January 25 on my Nike running app, and I’ve built up a comfortable mileage base over the last month and a half. Once it’s go time to train, it’s go time. I run when my coach tells me, and no excuses. 3 months until the half marathon.

I’ve been cross training heavily on the elliptical machine when i’m not running. Since the weather has been getting cooler though, the local ski resorts have opened (with some significant trails) so I’m thinking of getting out there this weekend. I usually ski up north in Vermont, but just so I can get out there, I was thinking of skiing what we locals call “The Gaw” perhaps on Sunday. I’ve never skied in NJ, nor have I had any interest. NJ ski resorts are like a simple playground compared to a theme park like Killington (which is where I love to ski) But nevertheless, Campgaw is maybe a 30-45 minute drive from my house, and what they hell, why not? But I will not bring my brand new Atomics, i’ll save them for the big leagues in March.

“Man who can catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything”

-Mr. Miyagi




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