Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The day consisted of our traditional bacon & pancakes (apple pancakes) breakfast, followed by opening presents while watching “A Christmas Story” Can’t beat tradition.

I was planning to run my virtual 10k race today but I decided what the heck, and ran it yesterday. I ran my normal route, and then did an extra mile which took me into Closter. Then, I turned around at mile 3, and ran back home. I ran around an extra block when I got near my house, and it took me past the 6.2 mile mark. When I reached my house, I had run 6.41 miles.

This is the furthest and longest I have ever run. I ended up taking both water bottles on my fuel belt and an energy chew, especially because it was warm & humid, and I was sweating quite a bit. I ate one of my Gatorade cool blue energy chews about halfway through so I could get some electrolytes back into my system. Next time, maybe i’ll fill one bottle with water, and the other with Gatorade.

After I came home, I opened & proudly displayed my beer medal. I kept it wrapped up until I had completed the run and proved it to a few people. Sometimes with these virtual races, they make you upload your times before they send you your medal in the mail. This virtual race was done through Gone for a Run, and they just send you everything and expect you to be honest. I wouldn’t proudly display something that wasn’t earned anyway. For example, I read somewhere that there are people selling their NYC Marathon medals on E-bay. Who seriously wants to buy something like that? That is not just a giveaway, it’s something that was well-earned by that runner. Anyone who buys and displays someone else’s trophy is absolutely ridiculous. And the runners selling them are crazy too.


Getting back to Christmas, I got quite a bit this year. A lot of it running stuff, and other miscellaneous.And the biggest one of all was my new pair of Atomic skis, which I hope I can use this season! Rumor has it, it’s going to snow next week sometime. I can only pray for the cold weather to settle in. I’m sick of this warm weather.


Family is coming up later, so it’s going to be Christmas part 2! I’m gonna get out for another run maybe this afternoon before everyone comes over.

Have a great Saturday everyone!



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