3 Humid Miles

I still cannot believe this crazy weather we are having. I live in NJ, and it’s not normally 55 degrees in December. Tomorrow, they are calling for 72 degrees. On Christmas Eve. No white Christmas this year (unless you live in the mid-west).

I got out there today and ran a nice easy three miles. The only setback was that I was pouring sweat by mile 2 because of the higher humidity, and it fogged up my glasses, but it was a good run. By the end of this week I’m running my first virtual race (and my first 10K), so i’m cutting back a bit this week on my daily runs until then. The 10k will be my longest run to date. Up until now, my longest is 5 miles.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that my pace is starting to naturally improve. During my run today at one point I noticed I was running a little faster than I normally do. I compared today to my previous runs, and each one is a little bit faster (pace-wise)




Is everyone ready for Christmas?!!


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