Back in Action

It has been about a week since my last post, so I do apologize. Last week was rough as I was battling a stomach bug. I came home from work last Tuesday and felt fine. Then I hopped on the elliptical, and it hit me all at once. Those stomach viruses show no mercy. But, I’m back and with the exception of my allergies, I’m feeling great.

On Sunday, I did my long run, another 5 miles.  The temperatures have been ridiculously above normal, and on Sunday, it was nearly 70. Sometimes, I wonder what month we’re actually in. I ran a new route around town, one that requires running up a huge hill on a main road. It was not fun on the way up, but I flew down on the way back.



I’m running my first 10k this month! It’s a virtual race however, so i’m doing it purely on my own. I signed up for 2 virtual races;

  1. Run Now, Beer Later Virtual 10k- I have to run it anytime between Christmas Day & December 31. I get an awesome finisher beer medal that doubles as a bottle opener. This is also a charity run, where a percentage of my race entry goes to Achilles International, which provides support to athletes with disabilities.10k
  2. 2016 Resolution Virtual 5k- This race is run anytime between December 31-January 4th. An easy 3.1 miles, that also donates to charity. This one is for Star, a non-profit organization that serves to people of all ages with developmental disabilities.5k


I’m gonna finish my coffee and head out for a run before work this morning. Shout out to my mom, today is her birthday and she doesn’t look a day over 35. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Talk to you later guys, have a blessed Tuesday

xoxo -Caitlin


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