5 Miles & a Bloody Toe

My fellow Giants fans, I imagine this morning you are just as frustrated as I am about that game yesterday. That’s what happens when you get comfortable in the 4th quarter. 😦 Hope everyone else had a great weekend though.

I got out to Saddle River Park yesterday, and I did my longest run yet; 5 miles. At SRP, there are markers every tenth of a mile, so you can see where you’re at. I ran 2 1/2 mile in, and 2 1/2 miles back.  


When I had completed the 5 miles, It was just under an hour, which is not too bad for my first 5 mile run. I’m actually excited to run further than that, and SRP is the perfect training ground for when I’m ready to do that. At least once before the half marathon, I will do one 13.1 mile run, but not for a while yet obviously. Nevertheless, I’m feeling very good about how my training is going. And it’s not even January yet!

When I got home after my run, I took my shoes off, and I noticed blood (not much) on my sock. Took that off, and one of my toes were bleeding.  I’ve had these shoes for a few months now, and they haven’t given my any issues. My toenails are shorter though, so that could be why. Otherwise, my feet are fine. Blistering is at a minimum.

Make sure you grab a coffee on your way to work this morning. It’s Monday.



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