If You’re reading This, It’s Friday

After I got home from work last night, I did 4.6 miles on the elliptical. Like with my running, I plan to slowly increase the duration/mileage during my cross-training sessions in order to help increase my strength and endurance.  I’ve often wondered, does the elliptical provide the same benefits as running does? The main difference between the two is that your musculoskeletal  system isn’t taking a great beating. The elliptical will also not train your body to withstand that pressure for miles and miles. So although it’s great for cardio and HIIT, running is the only thing that will properly prepare your body for high mileage endurance. Nevertheless, I love cross-training on the elliptical on the days where I’m not running.

On another subject, I was channel searching before bed, and Keenan and Kel was on. Apparantly, there’s this channel called “The Splat” that airs old Nickelodeon shows, I’m talking like shows from the 90’s (Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life) I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s nice to see shows from the good ole’ days from my youth. I wish. The kids now days will never know good tv. The 90’s was Nickelodeon’s golden age, and now it’s been replaced by the technology crazed characters of ICarly.

So, who’s done with their Christmas shopping?rocky


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