Miles of Rain

This morning’s forecast called for more rain, but it didn’t stop me from heading out there to get in some mileage. When I left my house, it wasn’t raining at all, just cool and dreary. Even when the rain started really coming down, I kept going for a little bit before cutting it short at 3 miles. As much as I wanted to sleep in a bit this morning (since it’s my day off) I had me a little coffee, a chocolate chip waffle (yeah, I probably shouldn’t  have had that before the run) and 3 miles later I’m feeling accomplished.


After most of my runs, I’ve noticed that I get a weird headache. It kinda feels more like an earache (it’s usually one sided too) and I’ve figured out that massaging my upper back helps it go away. I know I have trigger points, and for those I use my shiatsu massage pillow to loosen them up. I’m also going to  buy a foam roller, since I know they are something every runner should have. There are many kinds out there too, so what do I buy!? I guess i’ll do my research.



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