December the First

It’s officially December, and the weather is still warm here in NJ. I hate it. People who know me know I like the cold weather, and this warm weather in the late fall makes me sick. Hopefully the weather cools  so that the ski resorts here on the east coast can blow snow. I’d like to be able to hit the slopes this season, but this weather has proved unpredictable.

I’ve gone ahead and sign up for my first (half) marathon. It’s April 17 on at Rutgers, which means I have plenty of time to train. I set it up already on my Nike running app, but the have the training program starting in January (54 days) For now, it’s telling me to run at least 5 miles per week. I can easily run more than that, so I’m using that to my advantage. It’s nice to get almost a 2 month head start so by race day, I feel strong and confident.rutgers

Since I have no other races I’m currently registered for, I my mind told me to look (bitten by the race bug). There is one in Metuchen coming up this Sunday, but i’m not sure i’ll be doing it. I’ll probably make that decision by the end of the week. Since I improved my 5k time again during my 4 mile race last week, I’m feeling even more positive. I’m using these 5km’s as more of a training program lately than a competitive race. When I start getting my times 30 minutes and under, then it’s really on.

Getting back to cold weather, I thought I spotted snowflakes on my way to work yesterday. Maybe I’ll tweet out to Bill Evans and ask him if there was a chance of that yesterday.


This was at the 5 kilometer point during last Sunday’s 4 mile race- My last 5k race time was 34:04, so I have improved by 16 seconds.

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