Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes

Last night we got an e-mail from the Ridgewood race coordinators that the race was postponed until this Sunday. Unfortunately, the Ridgewood Police are unavailable to staff the event today, so it has been moved. They are still holding a 4 mile organized group run, but it will not be timed, and as a result of the Police not being able to shut down roads, they will need to run together. Bummer, but it’s all good. I have an extra three days until the race now.

Anyway, today is Thanksgiving! I could go down and list all of the things I’m Thankful for like everyone else today, but I won’t. I’m simply Thankful for everything, and I tell that to God every night in my prayers, and that’s what truly matters.

     So what’s your Thanksgiving tradition? Since I was a kid, or course I watch the Macy’s parade on Tv, and I try and catch March of the Wooden Soldiers if I can. Of course, it is family that makes Thanksgiving so special. I’ve been looking forward to getting together with my whole family all week, and i’m excited to see everyone tonight. Just thinking about dinner got me thinking like Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince.

     I’m gonna either get a run in, or workout on the elliptical before dinner later. I should do the equivilint of 4 miles (since that’s what I was supposed to run this morning) so I can enjoy dinner. But first unfortunately, I have to make a trip to the supermarket to pick up 2 things. At least people are just buying last minute food items and not going crazy buying televisions. Ugh.

     Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone, to my family, friends, and everyone else!

xoxo Caitlin


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