Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and while many of you will be sleeping in and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I will be out running 4 miles in Ridgewood. Many today are prepping for their Thanksgiving day meals, doing their last minute shopping so that tomorrow is as easy as possible. I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is here.

Got my race packet yesterday which other than your typical race shirt and bib included a nice water bottle, and a thing of hand sanitizer. The weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow, which means i’ll probably dress lighter. I do wish the weather would stay consistent though,  I’ve been sneezing like crazy and my nose has been running (no pun intended) like a faucet. Not to mention in Bergen County, we don’t bag up our leaves. Residents pile them into the streets and the town picks them up that way. It’s allergies overload when you want to go for a nice walk or run outside with massive leaf mountains everywhere. The 8 year old me would have been delighted to jump in, but not the 26 year old Caitlin. I’ll take a Zyrtec or Claritin instead, thanks.


Allergies. Not cool.

Race Packet for tomorrow aka Goody bag


  I’m glad to be off today, as I have tons to get done before tomorrow. I guess i’ll consult my Keurig for a second cup of coffee and start cleaning.

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