Thanksgiving is officially less than a week away, which mean less than a week until the Ridgewood 4 mile Thanksgiving Day run. I plan to get two good runs in from now until next Thursday, so I can finish this race in 40 minutes or less, which is my goal. That means I have to run a faster 5k than my last (my previous 5k time was 34:02) and still be able to run a mile in 10min or less. Can I do it? I think so . I also tend to push harder in races more than in my practice runs. During my last practice run on Wednesday, I ran 3.3 miles in about 40 minutes, but I admit I took it a lot slower than I normally would in a race. Plus, my neighborhood is very hilly.runwed

I’d say that I’m happy it’s Friday like everyone else does, but I have to be at work early again tomorrow morning. So, i’ll just lie down and watch Full House re-runs on Nickelodeon until I fall asleep. If i’m still awake by 11, I just might catch an episode or two of Friends. This post will be short and sweet tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend!










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