It’s only Tuesday (What time is it?)

Went for a small run this morning around the neighborhood. Only did slightly more than a mile, but tomorrow I plan to do about 3 so I figured I’d conserve today. Tuesdays are my long day at work too, so it’s best I don’t beat myself up this morning.

I officially signed up for the Ridgewood Thanksgiving Day run. Hard to believe Thankgiving is almost a week away, where has this year gone? I swear, it felt like summer just started.

So, as I said in my last post, the Thanksgiving run will be 4 miles long (below is the course map) So far, 456 people have signed up, so it’s shaping up to be a big race like last week’s. My goal is to finish under 40 minutes. 4miler

Funny side before I head to work- I was just watching Michael & Kelly, and they were talking about a Half Marathon event in Bangkok that caught my attention-Apparently, race organizers changed the course midway by pointing runners in the wrong direction, causing them to run an extra 4 miles more than they should have. I searched and found an article about that here.  Bangkok’s Ultra Half Marathon Congrats to all those that finished the 17 mile course, but I can only imagine the frustration.

Hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!



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