Hello Monday

I’m currently writing this as I sip my Sleepytime tea. I find the vanilla adds a nice mellow taste along with the chamomile.

I didn’t go for a run this morning, instead I did some cross training this evening on the elliptical. Tomorrow morning, I’ll get out out there bright and early and hit the pavement.Image-1.jpgelliptical

It’s more than likely I’ll be running in the Ridgewood Thanksgiving Day run. If I do, this will be the longest distance race I have yet to run (I have my sights set on a big one this spring). This race is not a 5k, it’s 4 miles, so what’s an extra mile? It will be a great way to challenge myself and see how i’m progressing as a runner. After really improving my 5k time this weekend, I’m still feeling really good, but I also know that from here on out it will only get harder. As my times continue to improve, I have to work that much harder to do better than my last race. turrkey raceFullSizeRender (7)

On that note, my Sleepytime tea is starting to kick in, I’m going to wrap this up and head to bed. Long day tomorrow. Goodnight folks!

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