Eye of the Tiger

This morning, I’m feeling pretty good after yesterday’s race. I thought I was going to be pretty achy, but surprisingly, I’m good.

Yesterday I ran in the 14th annual Harrington Park 5k in Harrington Park, NJ. It was my 6th 5k of all time, and my 4th one this year. Definitely another battle of the elements, as it was windy and chilly (I ran the Bergenfield 5k in the rain few weeks back). We waited inside the school until about ten minutes to start time. As my mom and I made our way to the starting line, the DJ blasted Eye of the Tiger to get us all pumped up. This year’s race brought a whopping 707 runners, and I didn’t want to get caught up somewhere in the middle. As I inched my way near the front of the pack I began jogging in place to get warmed up.  When the race began, I started off faster than I ever did in my previous races. I felt comfortable enough to increase my pace a bit, and that’s just what I did. The first mile went super fast, and according to my Nike running app, I was running a 9’31” pace. As I reached the first mile marker, the clock was just under 10 minutes.

Mile 2 wasn’t terrible, the course started to get a bit hilly so it slowed me down a tad. It was hard to breathe with the gusty winds, so I did the best I could. My pace decreased a bit to conserve for the end. By mile 3, I pushed harder and as I neared the finish, I saw my parents standing on the sidelines. My mom had also run as well, finishing in 30:15. I saw the finish line clock ahead with 10 seconds to 34:00. I sprinted like I never sprinted before, and just made it. My official race time was 34:02, and I was content with that (although I would have loved to make it under 34:00. My goal was to get under 35:00 this time, and I did. It became my new PR, and it was a whopping 2 minutes and 21 seconds better than my last race.

From here on out,I realized each race will get harder and harder as my times get better and better. My goal is to always  do better than the last race, and I love challenging myself.  I have my eye on a Thanksgiving 4 mile turkey trot that is still up in the air at this point, but that i’m leaning toward. Today, I’ll  probably cross train on the elliptical and get back to running in the morning. Overall, great weekend.



harrington parkIMG_5279harrington park pic

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